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Building modern, energy efficient homes with sustainable resources.

Energy efficiency is a topic very much in vogue and is not surprising since more and more people seeking to minimize the costs of homeownership and power consumption is a key aspect that should be considered. Only energy consumption is up to 13% of the total costs that are at home, so reducing them is key to achieve significant savings.

Increasingly, people who bet on the energy-efficient homes, those homes that are more sustainable and taking care of the environment. Efficient houses only offer advantages to their owners, since they allow them to save long-term money in the electricity bills, and also take care of the planet, since energy consumption is much smaller.

Homes energy efficient and energy certificate

Go to buy a home can consult the energy certificate of the House in question. He is a document that accompanies the documentation of buying and selling and which serves to check if it is efficient or, on the contrary, is a home that offers a high monthly cost due to its inappropriate consumption of energy.

All a home buyer are entitled to receive either an energy certificate that has been issued by accredited technical, which are responsible for calculating the energy consumed by the facilities that provide services such as heating, cooling, hot water and lighting. In other words, a home energy certificate informs the potential buyer of a home on the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions of property.

Entry into force of the energy certificate

By which establishes compulsory have the receipt of power when it comes to buying or renting a property, i.e. that it is obligatory to have this certificate to be able to rent or sell a property or premises.

It should be noted that the responsibility of achieving this energy certificate is the same owner of the property, which will have to hire an authorized technician to obtain energy. Exposed or regulated those sanctions for breach of the regulation of energy certification.

What does the energy certificate contain?

The energy certificate is a report which consists of several pages, which have information on orientation, the situation, envelope, lighting. It is As well as the systems of production of energy from a house or premises in question, where the energy rating of the building will be expressed on a scale from A to G, being the most positive outcome (dwelling of low-consumption) and G the most negative result (very high consumption housing).

Energy-efficient housing

According to several studies, energy-efficient housing allows to save up to 1,675 euros a year, a truly considerable amount. Energy efficiency is an aspect which has gained great relevance. Therefore it is worth to note the key points to consider to get energy-efficient housing.

It is essential that the House is properly insulated. Appliances must also be low consumption patterns, as well as heating and air conditioning equipment.

Energy-efficient dwellings help to minimize the use of conventional energy sources, save money on an annual basis, and also allow to take care of the environment. Having a sustainable and efficient housing is synonymous with responsibility.